Technical specification

Sensor & Camera
Camera Sensor CMOS
Camera Resolution 5 MPx (up to 13 MPx)
No. of Cameras 4, FULL HD
Live-view Camera Mode YES
Shooting Camera Mode YES
Lighting Systems
Lighting Technology Long life LED illumination, White
Petri Dish Lighting Systems Reflected, Transmitted, Optional UV
Operating Area Lighting Systems Top, Bottom, Side
Predefined Illumination Schemes YES
Technical Parameters
PC Connection USB 3.0 Interface
Power Input 110-230 V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 250 W
Operating Temperature  +5 to +40°C
Dimensions 800 x 361 x 466 mm
Weight 65 kg
Media Sizes & Formats
Diameter of Petri dishes up to 90 mm
Dimensions of MALDI target plates up to 90 x 130 mm
Supported MALDI target plate formats 2x MSP Bruker (optional MTP; BMX; SHI)
Transferring characteristics
2 exchangeable platinum transfer needles
Thermal sterilisation of transfer needles
Movement in 3 axes (x - y - z) + rotation
Predefined schemes for colony picking and smearing
Transfer speed approx. 10-15 s per each single colony
Dosing & Deposition
High precision Tecan linear pump
Liquids in closed vials with septum
Contactless deposition onto MALDI target plate
Independent dosing of formic acid and MALDI matrix
Self-cleaning procedure to avoid drying process in needles
Integrated Bar/QR code reader
LIS/LIMS connection supported
Camera control of colony localisation
Camera control of transfering needles
Camera control of drop shape and size
Camera control of dosing and deposition
Statistics, protocols, reporting & exporting
Temperature control (heating) of MALDI target plate
Ventilation fan with HEPA filter integrated
Built-in Bar/QR code reader for target plates
Hand-held Bar/QR code reader for Petri dishes

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