Automated Colony Picking and Wet Deposition Process Workflow

MALDI target plate and petri dish

MALDI target and Petri dish inserted for transfer of colonies

Pre-spotting of formic acid

Pre-deposition of formic acid using liquid deposition needle

Formic acid on MALDI target plate

Formic acid deposited only on preselected positions

Colony picking from Petri dish

Each selected colony precisely picked...

Deposition into formic acid

...and smoothly deposited into formic acid droplet

MALDI matrix deposition

After drying of all colonies, MALDI matrix is deposited

MALDI Sample Preparation

The unique principle of Wet Deposition (Patent pending) is a key part of our automated system for colony picking and target deposition, followed by controlled deposition of MALDI matrix.

Wet deposition is a key process for automation in clinical, medical, veterinary as well and pharmaceutical high-throughput microbiology labs that are performing MALDI-TOF MS identification either by Bruker MALDI Biotyper, BioMerieux VITEK MS or any other MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer.

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