Clinical Comparison Study

See the results from the clinical comparative study that is part of publication of Hrabak, J., et. al., (in press)

Bruker MALDI Biotyper results

1. Study (7 Days, 65 Dishes, 195 IDs) 2. Study (7 Days, 108 Dishes, 324 IDs) Combined (14 Days, 173 Dishes, 519 IDs)
MALDI target preparation method Average MALDI ID Score MALDI ID Error (%) Average MALDI ID Score MALDI ID Error (%) Average MALDI ID Score MALDI ID Error (%)
Direct Dry Deposition 2,07 21% 2,14 15% 2,10 18%
Semi-Extraction 2,17 11% 2,16 8% 2,17 8%
Manual Wet Deposition 2,19 11% 2,19 8% 2,19 10%
Robotic Wet Deposition 2,18 20% 2,21 12% 2,19 16%


Two independent one-week studies were performed to directly compare four different MALDI target preparation processes.

Selected fresh Petri dishes from clinical laboratory were used every day for advanced comparison study.

Similar colonies in three replicates were taken from each of the Petri dishes and for each of the four preparation procedures.

Compared procedures were manual Direct Dry Deposition, Semi-extraction, manual Wet Deposition and robotic Wet Deposition.

Percentage of MALDI results with “No peaks” or “No identification…” were calculated for the table and then excluded.

Average ID score from Bruker MALDI Biotyper was calculated for each of the identified bacteria and used preparation procedures.

Results and Discussion

First Week of Use Study

Even the initial comparative study in the clinical lab starting with MALDI COLONYST robot showed significantly better average ID scores from manual Wet Deposition in comparison to Direct Dry or even Semi-extraction. Robotic Wet Deposition showed better ID scores than Semi-extraction, but still lacking with higher number of errors.

Second Week of Use Study

Second week of usage of MALDI COLONYST robot showed improved average ID scores for all methods, while also decreasing the numbed of errors. Wet deposition in manual as well as robotic version proved to be the best result giving technique up to date. Manual Wet Deposition similarly low number of errors with Semi-extraction, but robotic Wet deposition still better than manual Dry Deposition.

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