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MALDI COLONYST®with FEEDER - unique bench-top laboratory robot that automatically transfers selected microbial colonies from Petri dishes onto MALDI target plate using homogenous preparation of the sample by process of Wet Deposition. By this automation it eliminates risk of manual errors and increases the accuracy of identifying the origin of infections, and so prevents the risk of misdiagnosis in the treatment of patients.

MALDI COLONYST®with FEEDER is fully integrated into Laboratory Information Systems(LIS) for quick definition of MBT projects and export the results and it supports two standard operating workflows:

Fast Workflow

Fast Workflow is used for quick automated processingof samples purely defined by LIS, while fully using advantages of FEEDER - the Petri dish handling robot FEEDER with connected bar code reader.

Complete process of Fast workflow is shown on this video.


Detailed Workflow

Detailed Workflow is used for automated as well as manual selection and detailed identification of all colonies from the scanned Petri dish.

Complete process of Detailed workflow is shown on this video.


Detailed scheme of

This scheme shows the complete workflow and full connectivity of MALDI Colonyst in automated microbiological lab using MALDI for quick, effective and cost saving identification.

Full connectivity to the standard LIS/LIMS systems for download of sample information, fully traced, automated colony picking and MALDI target preparation is fully supported as well as final upload of all the MALDI results plus pictures from associated preparation into LIS/LIMS system are supported.

MALDI Colonyst is the World's first and unique solution for fully automated medical as well as Pharmaceutical microbiology using progressive identification by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry.

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Automated colony picking workflow

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